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Wings Over Wisconsin

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Wings Over Wisconsin is educating our communities and youths. Wings is heralding the need for natural resource conservation and the importance of continuing Wisconsin's strong outdoor heritage.

All Wings Chapters sponsor and assist with Hunter's Education programs. Contact individual Chapters for local programs.

Wings Over Wisconsin reaches out to spread the message that natural resource conservation is important to everyone. We recognize the need for a stronger team to take on the forces that shape conservation in Wisconsin. That’s why we’re always finding new volunteers to lead a variety of projects


Each year, Wings Over Wisconsin works with distributors to have food plot seed available to individuals interested in planting necessary animal habitats. If available (may vary year to year) we have sorghum, soybeans, corn, and sunflower on hand beginning each May. 

For more information on this vital program and seed availability, please call our office at 920.387.5198.

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